Halswell Community Project

The Halswell Community Project began as a small group of volunteers interested in promoting Halswell and it's clubs, groups, activities and businesses to local residents and those of surrounding areas.

After two years of operating informally, Halswell Community Project was incorporated in 2013 and became a registered charity in 2021. Over the last ten years the organisation has grown and now operates out of the Halswell Community Hub as a key leader in the provision of community services and programmes in Halswell focused on connecting, empowering and strengthening the local community.

As an organisation, we are made up of a dedicated volunteer committee, a small team of contractors and a number of volunteers who are involved in different aspects of the project such as Facebook, the Community Hub, delivering newsletters and helping to run events and activities.

Our vision is to create a connected, resilient community which fosters engagement, inclusion, participation, a sense of belonging and pride that brings about better outcomes through those improved connections and information sharing.

Our projects cover a wide range of activities and services including:

  • Running the Halswell Community Hub as a welcoming community facility, open to all.
  • A monthly community newsletter, welcome bags, Halswell Community Website and a number of large Facebook pages all of which have wide coverage and are key connecting agents within the local community.
  • Local events such as Celebrate Halswell, school holiday activities, and youth events.
  • Monthly network meetings and workshops for the local community covering a range of issues and topics of interest.
  • Weekly activities such as coffee morning, Mahjong and coffee and games to bring people together.
  • A Youth Pilot project aimed at connecting with the young people in our community.
  • Recycling/collection point for milk bottle tops, wine bottle tops, blankets, sports gear and bras/swimwear and foreign coins / old currency.
  • Community food and book sharing shacks aimed at sharing resources and reducing waste.
  • A Christmas giving tree supporting local organisations and families in need.
  • Developing support groups such as the Adoptee Support Group