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Residents' Groups and Representatives

Residents’ Representatives offer an opportunity for residents to participate in decision-making for their neighbourhood, and are part of or have formal recognition by the City Council. Community Boards and Council Representatives are elected positions and Resident Associations are voluntary and open to all citizens who live or own property within its boundaries.

Most groups are concerned with issues that affect the quality of life in their community. This can include issues such as land use, crime prevention, streets and parks. Such groups can also strengthen person-to-person contact by organising events that bring the citizens of the area together

Residents' Groups and Representatives - 6 articles found

Halswell Community Project

HCP was incorporated in 2013 after two years of operating informally. We work towards our vision by developing and running initiatives to connect Halswell people with each other, support businesses and provide resources that encourage involvement in activities in Halswell.

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Halswell Residents' Association

This group meets on the last Monday of each month at 7.30pm in St Mary's Church Hall.

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Kennedys Bush Neighbourhood Association

This group serves those in the Kennedys Bush area.

Halswell Connections Group

This is a network of community groups, organisations, businesses, service providers and residents that have an interest in developing and strengthening the Halswell Community and seeing it

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Halswell/Hornby/Riccarton Community Board

Andrei Moore
Debbie Mora
Anne Galloway
Councillor for Halswell Ward

Members of Parliament

Ruth Dyson, MP for the Port Hills
Ph: 03 376 4512