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Parks and Green Spaces

There are a number of large parks in Halswell. These are Quarry Park, Westlake Park, the Halswell Domain, and Curletts Reserve. As Halswell develops, more green spaces will be put aside as water retention basins which are important for preventing flooding in the Heathcote catchment when it rains heavily. Many of our parks and green spaces have lakes and creeks in them. As well as these there are numerous smaller parks and playgrounds in the area.

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Halswell Quarry Park

Our biggest park is Halswell Quarry Park which can be accessed from Kennedys Bush and Cashmere Rds at the base of the hill.

As the name suggests, the Park was once the site of a quarry from which Halswell Stone was mined and used in a variety of ways and places around Christchurch. The quarry had a long life – opening in the 1860s and not closing until the 1990s when it was made into the Park that we have today.

The park provides wonderful opportunities for walking, mountain biking, orienteering and picnicking and has a series of Sister Cities Gardens.

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Westlake Park

Westlake park can be accessed from a range of streets - Westlake Dr, Wales St, Arkwright Tce, Chilwell Pl, Brigham Dr, Marquess Ave and Wigram Rd. There are two lakes in the park developed after the gravel pit on this site closed. A wide range of birds can be sighted at the lakes, which have refuge islands on them for birds to roost and breed.

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Halswell Domain

Found in Halswell Rd, the Domain provides facilities for Scouts, Rugby League, Soccer, Softball and Cricket to name a few. It is also the home of the Model Engineers, who run large model trains etc at the weekends

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Curletts Reserve

Curletts Reserve is situated behind Aidanfield and can be accessed from Templetons Rd, Wigram Rd and Curletts Rd

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Halswell is an interesting place for water. Both the Heathcote and the Halswell Riversdrain from this area, with one draining out to the Avon/ Heathcote Estuary/ Ihutai (North of Banks Peninsula) whilst the other drains into Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora (South of Banks Peninsula).

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Tracks and Walkways

Walking tracks around Halswell range from easy lakeside walks to more difficult hiking tracks up into the Port Hills

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