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We would love to advertise your business on our website and develop a local business directory on these pages. 

We are currently offering this service on our website for free to encourage people to support local businesses, however, a donation towards the cost of maintaining the website and the activities run by Halswell Community Project is appreciated.

Donations to the Halswell Community Project, Charity Number: CC59557, can be made to our account - 38-9014-0357730-00

To place your advert, please complete the form below or for more information contact  Kate at

(please note to take advantage of this listing, the business needs to be physically based in Halswell, not elsewhere)



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We also offer business advertising in our monthly Newsletter for a small fee which covers the costs of producing the newsletter.

Newsletter Costs 2024

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Who do we Reach?

  • Website - 30+ visits per day (avg)
  • E-Newsletter (Monthly)  - 1200 Subscribers, plus  those reading it from our Website, Facebook pages and on Neighbourly
  • Halswell Community Group - 22,000 Members with over 90% of members active on the page
  • Social media - local facebook groups
  • Neighbourly (`12,600+ neighbours)
  • Printed Newsletter (Monthly) - approximately 1000 each month delivered to different residential areas and available to pick up from the Halswell Community Hub, Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre, local supermarkets, Cafés, and retirement villages.