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There are always things going on in the community and the best place to find out about these are the monthly community newsletter, Halswell Community Group on facebook, the Halswell community website and the noticeboard at Te Hāpua. There are groups for all ages and abilities from coffee mornings to preschool music, scouts and guides to U3a and MenzShed.

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Skate Parks.

The Halswell Domain Skate Park consists of a mini flow bowl and street setup area with a pump track loop extending from one end. The consultation called for a facility aimed towards eginner to intermediate users though could be utilised by all user levels. A number of existing stepping rocks were also recycled into the design and other amenities designed into the playground area including shelters, seating, fitness equipment and concrete slabs.

The Knights Stream Skate Park includes a 1.2 - 1.8m deep flow bowl environment, street skating avenue and a large open space area. Features include drop-in poles, hubbas and rails, standard manual pad and ledge, bank to jersey barrier and a pole jam.


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Things to do around Halswell

We got thinking about some of the things to do around Halswell and decided to make a list.

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