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A brand new separated cycle path now runs along the new Southern Motorway connecting Halswell Junction Road with Wigram and Curletts Roads and from there into Simeon Street in Spreydon.  While few would recommend biking Junction Road in its current state, you can get onto this cycleway via Dunbars Rd and Aidanfield Drive.

You can find out more -

Cycleway - Pt 1

Cycleway - Pt 2


There are good, wide cycle lanes all the way along Halswell Road into the Central City. 


Cashmere Road is a favourite cycling route for many commuter and recreational cyclists and while it is narrow, the car traffic is light.  The amount of cycle traffic along that road means other road users are aware of cyclists.

Little River Rail Trail

This 49km (one way) mainly off-road cycling route runs between Shands Rd, Christchurch and Little River.  There are plans to make the small sections of on-road to off-road. More infomation and a downloadable map can be found on their website.


Website: Little River Rail Trail.



Roads to avoid

Halswell Junction Road is a narrow road with no shoulder, carrying a lot of cars and trucks. The speed limit was reduced to 60kph and recently (April 2017) to 50kph between Wigrams/Whincop roundabout to just before Halswell Road lights.

For cyclists wanting to get to Hornby, a better route through is via Sabys Road, Quaifes Road, and then onto the Hornby-Lincoln cycle path on Marshes Road. 

Awatea Road is somewhat shorter and much better than Halswell Junction Rd, but not as comfortable as the Quaifes Road Route.

If you are not an experienced cyclist, Sparks Road has a small shoulder and traffic moving at 80+ km/hr.  It is not the ideal route for cycling, particularly at rush hour.  The roundabouts found on intersections with Hoon Hay Road and Lyttelton St add to the "challenge" of this route for less experienced or less brave cyclists!


Quarryman's Trail

It will be about 2019/20 before being extended to Halswell.

Public Consultation presentation on 26 October 2016:

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