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The links here are to documents and presentations that are either about, or of considerable importance to, the Halswell area.  These planning resources provide background to the development going on around the area and the issues facing the area.  To see these resources click on the link/highlighted text.

2015 Infometrics Report on SW Christchurch

Check out the projections for our part of the world on this page or check out the full Regional Hotspots report

Student Research Projects

2015 - Community Involvement in Halswell

2015 - Understand Mode Share/Consumer Behaviour (Halswell)

2014 - How Residents Travel Around Halswell

  Completed by third year geography students at Canterbury University to see how people move around the local area and to see what barriers there are to the use of active transport modes such as walking and biking.


Geography 309 Research Projects

Two groups of students in GEOG309 at Canterbury University completed their projects around Halswell late 2013. They looked at how people connect and how they use different places around the Halswell area.

They produced these two reports:

Study of Community Participation

  following 2010-2011 Earthquakes

Social Space & Place -Rapidly Growing Halswell.


Halswell Residents' Association Summary of 2013 Community Survey

This summary provides a series of graphs etc showing what people think about living in Halswell and the places that they use etc.  The Residents' Association ran the survey early in 2013 to get information that might help them represent the community better in their activities with the CCC.


Growing Halswell - Community Planning 2010-2020

Put out by the CCC in April 2012 this document is available HERE:


Updating Progress - SWAP April 2012

This presentation was made by CCC staff to the Halswell Liaison Group.


Services, Infrastructure Needs, Activities & Facilities in Halswell

Halswell Community Infrastructure Plan: Research into current services, activities and facilities.

By Baily Peryman, 2010.

In this report Bailey draws together residents' views of the issues and needs of the Halswell community.   It makes for an interesting read!


Halswell/Wigram Area Strategy for the Future of the Schooling Network

This report (Sept 2007) was produced as part of the development of the Southwest area plan and outlines the views of residents and plans around schools etc in the Halswell area.


A Profile of Halswell

By Sue Dewes in 2004.  This study gives an overview of the Halswell area, its history, residents and services.



2014 Halswell/Wigram Community

This great resource focuses on Halswell and Wigram - put together by the CCC.


2013 Census Statistics

Here are a few statistics about the Halswell Area from the 2013 Census


Housing Availability/New Housing

To see the extent of new developments and land/housing availability around Halswell visit CCC Webpage


2009 South-West Christchurch Area Plan (SWAP)

This plan provides a framework within the Urban Development Strategy for managing urban and business growth during the next 35 years. It integrates land-use planning with key infrastructure projects, such as the Major Sewer Upgrade, strategic roading projects including the Christchurch Southern Motorway and community facilities, such as the new Halswell Library. The Plan reflects how the local community wants the area to develop. It has been developed to make sure planners, designers and developers work together with the community, to build a community where people really want to live and call home.  Perhaps worth noting is that since the earthquake events of 2010 and 2011, it is likely that the speed of development planned in this plan will be increased.  Find out more here: South West Area Plan


Attitudes to Local Community Identity and Participation amongst New Residents in Halswell

Sarah Wylie in this 2010 study worked with four different groups of residents to see how they viewed Halswell and their interest etc in being involved in local community activities.


Aquatic Values Assessment Quaifes Rd Area

Aquatic Values Assessment for Fulton Hogan Subdivision bewteen Quaifes, Murphys, Junction and Whincops Rds.  This is a 3.2MB file!  

This 2011 report might be useful for anyone interested in waterways in the Quaifes Drain/Knights Stream area.

Transport Planning

A presentation about transport and transport planning given to Halswell Residents' Association 26 March 2012 by Andrew Macbeth of Viastrada Ltd.


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