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This is a network of community groups, organisations, businesses, service providers and individuals that have an interest in developing and strengthening the Halswell Community and seeing it prosper.

The group meets for networking purposes and to hear speakers on topics of interest to the Halswell community. To see past topics and discussions, the minutes of the meetings are available to the public from the links below.


To find out more contact-
Kate Cleverly
Phone: 020 4127 6083

Meetings 3rd Tuesday each month (except May & Dec).

19th September, 17th October, 14th November, 12th December

Times: 12 noon - 1:30pm & (repeat) 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Venue: Please see the E-Newsletter or Contact Kate.
Also see CALENDAR for 2017 meetings


Meeting Minutes

To read, click on a Topic.

December 2015 - 

Consultation with Halswell Community

October 2015 - 

Updates + Traffic issues Halswell

August 2015 - 

Events Halswell Oct 2015 - Feb 2016

June 2015 - 

Community Constable from NZ Police

April 2015 -

Child Youth & Family Presentation

February 2015 -

Updates from Various Speakers

October 2014 -

Preschool childcare facilities in Halswell


September 2014 -

Issues arising for youth in Halswell

February 2014 -

What does the Census telling us

November 2013 - 

Reviewing 2013 & looking ahead to 2014

September 2013 - 

Community Health related topics

July 2013 - 

Building Community: ideas, approaches, what's happening in Halswell? 

May 2013 -

Grassroots Community Initiatives

March 2013 - 

Education in Halswell in times of Change



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